My WordPress experiment is over

I’ve used a number of different tools for creating/maintaining a web site. I’ve hand coded sites, I’ve used Drupal, WordPress, Hugo, etc, etc, and I’ve changed tools at various points in time. The latest experiment have been using WordPress … first self-hosted, then, then back to self-hosted, and finally back to (note: this has been a 5-6 year experiment !!). And I’ve come to the conclusion that, at this point in time, WordPress isn’t a tool for me – lately I’ve become more and more irritated when using it (bad sign). So I’m moving my domain to another setup within the next week.

Hopefully, this will mean that I will be posting more stuff in the future.

2022-09-06 – After about 9 months I decided to see if I can use WordPress for something else. I still think that WordPress is heading in the wrong direction (at least for me). And I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use if for my main site, but I’m interested in seeing if it can be used for something different. A use case I haven’t consider before – I might delete the whole thing in a while but I want to test this.

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